Client Stories

Canopy Migration & Support, 2022-23

Whetstone Distribution is a collection of meat, seafood and complementary food distribution companies in the Midwest.  The goal of the implementation was to rapidly deploy a new ERP system across multiple distributors and markets, to ensure consistency across operations, and give the business critical insights into sales and inventory data. In a 12 month timeframe, Aspen System's Canopy ERP was deployed in the cloud across multiple sites alongside an enterprise reporting solution.

FoodConnex Migration, 2021-22

Hickory Nut Gap is a family owned and operated producer and distributor of regenerative meats located in Asheville, NC.  The company needed to rapidly deploy a new cloud-based ERP software to tightly integrate sales, financial, and inventory data and eliminate costly and time-consuming forecasting and cost reporting. In a short 90 day window the FoodConnex ERP system was launched, with a full migration of inventory data to the cloud, new warehouse hardware for scanning inventory, and all employees trained on new processes. 

MealConnect Custom App Development & User Support, 2018-21

MealConnect is the first nationwide food recovery app targeted at ending hunger in America by connecting surplus food to food banks. The team was responsible for training and support to donors and food banks using MealConnect in their community, and for collecting and prioritizing all feedback for the development team to improve the app in future releases. 

ERP System Selection, 2016-2017

Farmer's Fridge is a ready-to-eat salad CPG brand and smart fridge operator selling at airports, hospitals, and office buildings across the country. As a startup, they were in need of an integrated purchasing, manufacturing, and accounting system that could replace their cumbersome and time-consuming spreadsheets. After spending time interviewing the team to understand critical requirements and presenting multiple vendor solutions, Oracle NetSuite was finalized and purchased to help the business grow to their next stage. 

IT Transformation, 2014-2015

Local Foods is a Chicago-based food hub operating as a wholesale distributor, retail public market, and whole animal butchery. To support the launch of their new facility, they needed an enterprise-wide software solution to integrate all part of their operation. After working with leadership to define and improve their business processes, an integrated technology solution of Entrée, QuickBooks, and Catapult POS was deployed to support a successful launch of the new Local Foods facility.